Beginner Exercise 2 - Practising offence using the block state function

When we develop simple pressure strings, it's important that we are careful to not leave ourselves vulnerable to a response. We can use the block state function to practice making strings safe by setting it to "Random". This will cause the AI to block some of our attacks but not all of them.

For now I just want you to practice landing a heavy attack and converting from it on hit and protecting yourself when blocked. I cover more advanced pressure in a later lesson. For now, just be aware that this is possible.

  • Set the AI's block state to random.

  • Hit the AI with a L > L > M > M > H string.

  • If the AI blocks it, press an assist button (preferably a defensive one or a quick one that your opponent has to block).

  • If the AI is hit by it, super dash and follow up with any air combo you like (when starting out, just use L > L > L but only press the button 3 times, that's important later on)

  • That's it! This may not seem revolutionary to you now but it allows you to "poke" at your opponent safely and lets you confidently attempt to land combos. We will be developing this skill a lot in future lessons so don’t worry about mastering it yet.

Nick Biddlecombe