Beginner Exercise 3 - Practising defence with the record function

One of the most powerful features of training mode is the ability to record an action or sequence of actions and tell the AI to repeat those actions. It is an incredible way of practising defending specific strings and can be applied to any move in the game.

For now though lets just keep it simple and practice perhaps the most important skill for very new players, countering super dashes. You can also do this using the repeat attack function and setting it to Super Dash but this is a good intro to recording in training mode.

  • Enter training mode and reset the characters to the default positions.

  • Find the the input for the record function (L3 by default) and start a recording.

  • Perform a super dash and mash light attack for a few seconds.

  • When blocked this sequence should look like someone performing a super dash and mashing their light attack (a very common strategy when starting out, cutting this habit early will be very helpful).

  • Find the the input for the playback function and press it to cause the AI to perform the sequence you recorded.

  • Whenever the AI super dashes at you try to hit them with 2H. Once you get comfortable, confirm with a combo of your choosing (If you don't have one yet, 2H> SD > L > M > H is a basic universal air combo)

  • Repeat the above step while starting to move around on the ground (preferably with dashes).

  • You can also use this strategy to figure out the best option for your character after blocking a super dash (even the pros can't 2H all of them). My advice would be to play it safe at first, if you see your opponent pressing buttons, a 2H will beat them outright.

Nick Biddlecombe