Intermediate Exercise 1 - Finding weaknesses in common strings

When playing online, you'll find yourself trying to defend against many different strings of attacks. Many of these strings will have specific vulnerabilities. We can use the record function in training mode to practice defending and exploiting these vulnerabilities. This does require you to be able to perform the string you have difficulty with so for now lets use a simple one.

A tendency at lower levels is for players to use their light auto combo, have it blocked and then just use it again, even though the first hit is out of range, this works on new players because the natural response is to throw something out to interrupt them. This can be interrupted but must be done carefully.

Using the record function we can practice our different options and learn the best way to deal with these continuous auto combo users.

  • Record yourself mashing light attack as fast as you can using the process above.

  • Set the AI to repeat this action

  • Block the string and as soon as you can after the last hit, throw out a move you want to try. For Goku, 2M is a reliable answer and leads into a simple 2M > 5M > 2H combo.

  • Keep testing any options you'd like until you find an answer for your character. I would recommend double tapping back to backdash and trying a move from there as well. Although this does leave you vulnerable to long range moves so be wary if your opponent is using long range enders.

Nick Biddlecombe