Welcome to the first lesson of the Turtle Hermit School!

Learning and perfecting new tools is the single most important skill in fighting games. Without a proper mindset for training, learning how to play is much, much harder.

Dedicated practice

Playing online is a good way to improve at Dragonball FighterZ but dedicated training sessions in training mode are the fastest way to improve. By queuing for online matches and heading to training mode while we wait, we can maximise our training time. If you find yourself becoming frustrated online, pausing and spending time in training mode will make an enormous difference.


Target your weaknesses

Learning bigger and flashier combos is a lot of fun but when you find a weakness that is holding you back, fixing that will make a much bigger impact on your play. Make sure you are comfortable with your movement options and make sure that any combo you want to use feels fluid and natural.


Swap sides when training

When learning a new tool, make sure you learn it from both the left and right sides. The inputs will be dependant on what direction your opponent is so you need to practice both or you'll find yourself hamstrung when you swap places. 


Moving From training mode to online

When you learn a new skill, it can be very tempting to jump straight into online matches. Before doing this I'd recommend following a gradual order of practice before using it against actual opponents. Start with training mode (on both sides), then VS the AI (for a moving target) and then take it online (start with casual/ring matches if you feel more comfortable).


Set your own win conditions

Winning is not always the goal. If you are practising a new tool, using it effectively is your goal. Perfecting new skills is much harder if you are focusing on getting the win. If you manage to use it properly, you win!


Training Exercises