Intermediate Exercise 1 - Incorporating movement

When combined with movement, these pokes can have truly incredible utility and are perfect for controlling space. This exercise will help you incorporate movement into your poking game.

  • Repeat all of the last steps of beginner exercise 1 but with a forward dash before attempting a poke. Try to poke as soon after the forward dash as possible, try to only hit the attack button once to help learn the timing.

  • Repeat the first step but with an air dash with a heavy attack and a low poke as soon as you hit the ground. The distance isn't as important here focus more on the timing when you hit the ground. This will test your opponents high/low blocking.

  • Repeat the first step but while air dashing over the opponent each time. Again the timing is the most important part here. This is an attack they'll have to block low and swap sides as you dash over them, making it very hard to block.

Nick Biddlecombe