Beginner Exercise 2 - Hit confirms

Using the basic string mentioned in the previous lesson, decide on a reliable combo. If your basic string has 2M > 5M in it, you can jump cancel when you hit. If you can't do that, then using 2H or 5H will almost always convert.

  • Set the AI to "Don't Guard" and practice this combo using Lesson 5 to help if necessary.

  • Once you can comfortably combo with this string, set the AI to guard "Random"

  • Repeat the blockstring exercise but when you see the string hitting, use your combo instead. This will take a lot of practice but is a crucial part of all fighting games. The key is to think of the blockstring as your default route and only combo when you react to your attacks hitting. Sometimes the AI will block the start of this string but not the low attack, this happens a lot in real matches and you'll ideally want to confirm off of these as well but it's much harder, continuing into the blockstring when this happens should be fine for now.

  • Once you can do the above step reliably, try doing it after an airdash j.H. This gives you an extra hit to react to whether your opponent is blocking or not.

Nick Biddlecombe