Beginner Exercise 1 - Safe Blockstrings

Using the block string in the lesson as a model, find a basic string that can both start a combo and be safely cancelled into a special. Most characters can use the same sequence I mentioned (5L > 5L > 2M > 5M) but some may need alterations.

Decide on your safe extension beforehand, usually involving a special followed by an assist

Once you have a string firmly in mind, complete the below steps.

  • Set the AI to "Guard All".

  • Repeat the basic string into the AIs block.

  • Once that feels as natural as a combo, add on the safe blockstring extension.

  • Dash up to the AI and repeat the blockstring.

  • Airdash instead of a regular dash, land a j.H and repeat the blockstring.

  • Repeat this process for each of your characters.

Nick Biddlecombe