Advanced Exercise 2 - Re-engaging

This exercise builds on the previous one and is where our pressure gets really scary. By re-engaging with an instant air dash j.H our opponent has to defend against the pressure and also block our air dash high/low string (Air Dash > j.H > 2M)

  • Repeat the previous exercise.

  • When you recover, your assist should be hitting your opponents block (depending on your assist).

  • As soon as you can, perform an instant air dash heavy, the timing of this is quite tight as it has to be executed as soon after you recover as possible. Repeat this step until you get a feeling for the timing.

  • Once you can do this, after re-engaging you can repeat the blockstring and re-engage again. Try to alternate which assist you use as in a real match you'll have to.

This gives you the pressure I showed in the lesson, against some players this will be all you need. In training mode you'll be able to repeat this infinitely as your assists don't have cooldowns and this makes for an excellent warm up exercise before heading online.

Nick Biddlecombe