Before you get started with the lessons, it's very helpful to learn the notation that the community uses for combos, strings and special moves. It's a lot simpler than it first appears but is confusing if it hasn't been explained to you yet.


The notation we use is based around a numpad, if you look at the image to the right you'll see a traditional numpad. 5 is in the center and this is called 'neutral' so no direction is held, the other numbers then correspond to their relation to the center. 2 is down, 6 is to the right and so on.


This also applies to motions, moving in a quarter circle forward motion and pressing light attack is called 236L. This means you need to roll the analog stick starting at the down input and move it towards the forward input.

An important thing to realise is that when this notation is written it always assumes your opponent is to your right so 6 actually means forwards and 4 means backwards.

This means you need to flip the inputs when your opponent is to your left. That is why it's helpful to think of 6 as 'forward' instead of right.

The buttons are referred to as L, M, H, S, A1, A2 for Light, Medium, Heavy, Special, Assist 1 and Assist 2 respectively. When buttons are placed next to eachother like this '5LL' it means to press each button in sequence. When a plus sign is used, it means both buttons should be pressed at the same time e.g. 236L+M

We tend to use jc to indicate a jump cancel (though some write it as 9) and j. to indicate a button is pressed in the air. 

With this knowledge, try to decipher the below string:
2M, 5M, jc, j.LL, j.214M, j.236L+M

All you need to read that string is on this page, hopefully this makes sense of this notation. I'll be using it throughout the site so learning it first is crucial. It feels strange at first but becomes more natural with time.