Beginner Exercise 1 - Double jumping

Two key advantages of double jumps are their ability to change your jump arc and the ability to move safely through the air by blocking. This exercise will train your to hold block almost the entire time you are airborne. This skill is incredible in the neutral game and a key defence against super dashes.

  • Jump forward and hold back as soon as you are able to. Continue to hold in until you land on the ground.
  • Practice this until you can do it without thinking about it.
  • Jump forward and hold back, then jump forward again in mid air and hold back once more.
  • Jump forward and hold back, then jump back and hold back.

Once this is natural, you should feel a lot more comfortable in the air, practice jumping towards your opponent and using a heavy attack before you hit the ground. You want to time this attack to land just after it would hit their chest, too high and you may miss or not be able to continue a combo. Too low and you may be anti-aired or the attack may not have time to come out.

Getting used to this timing is crucial, once you are comfortable, practice using a light attack as soon as you hit the ground. If you see the combo counter say "2 hits" then you've done it correctly.

Nick Biddlecombe