Welcome to the glossary, the FighterZ community and the fighting game community in general throw around a lot of different terminology. I'll do my best to try and include as much as possible here. If you have any suggestions for important terms I've missed out, give me a shout on the discord server or via hermit@turtlehermitschool.com

To make sense of the notation used in combo discussion such as 236S, I'd recommend the notation guide.

Technical Terminology

50/50 Mixup - A mixup that is impossible to block on reaction and the defending opponent has to guess between 2 options. Some 50/50s are reactable but extremely difficult.

Air Tech - Fighting games with an emphasis on air movement allow you to recover in different ways in the air.

Anchor Character - The final character on the team. Anchor characters generally don't need assists, love to have a lot of meter to spare and often have a powerful assist.

Anti-Air - An attack that counters an airborne opponent

Baiting - The use of specials or movement options to provoke an action from the other player.

Beam - A special move that covers the entire screen and typically beats smaller projectiles.

Blockstring - Similar to a combo, a blockstring is a chain of blocked attacks. A 'True Blockstring' is a sequence of blocked attacks where the blockstun overlap and the defending player can't make any actions besides block.

Blockstun - When a player blocks an attack, they are unable to perform any action for a very short time

Blue combo - A blue combo is a combo that could have been teched out of by using an air recovery. Not present in every game, in FighterZ you can escape these combos by holding an attack button while being hit by a combo.

Bread & Butter (BnB) - A standard, simple combo that is effective and reliable.

Buffer - Performing the input for a special during the animation of something else.

Cancel - Cutting an animation short by inputting another action.

Chain/Gatling combo - A combo where each attack is cancelled into another with no need for specific timings.

Chicken Block(ing)/Fuzzy Guard - In games that allow you to block in the air, jumping while defending a blockstring in order to avoid lows and block overheads in the air. Often there will be a window before you can block while jumping to prevent abuse.

Chip Damage - Depending on the game and the attack, a player will sometimes take a small amount of damage even while blocking. In the majority of modern fighting games, this damage cannot kill and some games allow that health to be recovered over time.

Combo - A sequence of successful attacks that combine to form one long string. Some games allow for these to be interrupted with a universal mechanic.

Command Dash - Very similar to a dash but is linked to a special move instead, usually very character specific.

Command Grab - Similar to a throw, a special move/command normal that grabs the opponent. Tends to do more damage or have unique properties compared to a normal throw.

Command Normal - A normal attack that is accessed by holding a direction and pressing a normal attack button.

Counter Hit - When an attack collides with the startup of another attack it is a counter hit. Often gives more damage or opens up unique combo routes. Not really the case in FighterZ.

Cross Under - A setup where a player moves underneath another player while in the air, effectively a cross up but goes underneath.

Crossup - When an attack passes over or through a player and has to be blocked from the other side.

Damage Scaling - The longer a combo continues on for, the more it will 'scale' and the less damage it will do. Damage scaling is also very dependent on the first hit of the combo. E.g. Combos starting with light attacks do less damage than mediums.

Deflect - The primary defensive tool for FighterZ, performed with 4S, it will repel any attack aside from dragon rush and command grabs. After it repels an attack, it recovers much faster than if it misses in which case it is punishable. Some moves/strings need to be deflected multiple times.

Delayed Wakeup - Performed by holding down while on the ground, delays your wakeup in an attempt to beat certain setups.

Double KO - When both players' health bars reach 0 at the same time. In most games, this results in a tied round. In most cases, a tied round gives a round victory to both players. How this effects the 'set' will depend on the tournaments rules.

Empty Jump - Performing an aggressive jump or airdash and not following up with the standard falling attack. 

Empty Low - An empty jump that is followed up by a low attack on landing.

EX Special Move - Some games have EX versions of special moves by inputting a specific button/combination of buttons.

Footsies - Where two players stay close to each others range and pester each other with movement and pokes.

Frames - The game is rendered at 60fps, the number of frames indicates the speed, duration and recovery of a move. See Plus/Minus frames.

Grappler - A character that makes use of command throws instead of more traditional tools. Tend to be slower and have strong pokes to compliment these grabs.

Ground Tech - An option on wakeup that gives you a way to make it harder for your opponent to pressure you. Varies wildly depending on the game.

Guard Cancel - Cancelling blockstun into an evasive move that can be punished or baited, performed by pressing forward > tag. Costs one bar.

Hard Knockdown (aka Untechable Knockdown) - A knockdown that doesn't allow you to use any of your ground recovery options. Makes defense a lot harder. Currently only attainable through lvl 3s in FighterZ.

Hit Confirm - A sequence of normal attacks that are converted into a combo after reacting to them hitting the opponent.

Hitbox - Invisible boxes that represent the space an attack occupies when active. These generally correspond to the look of the move though sometimes hitboxes are shorter or longer than the corresponding attack.

Hitstun - The same as blockstun except it's for when an attack lands, chaining hitstuns together is the reason that attacks in a combo connect to each other. 

Hitstun Scaling - Similar to damage scaling, the amount of hitstun will decrease based on the starter and length of the combo. As a result, some combos are impossible to perform and some only work from medium starters.

Install - A transformation or powered up state a character can enter. Typically as a super attack.

Instant Air Dash (IAD) - A powerful movement tool, the same as an airdash but performed as soon after a jump as possible. The input can be considered as up-forward > forward in quick succession. 96 in proper notation.

Invincibility/Iframes - An important property of some attacks/mechanics that make the user completely invulnerable to attacks. Some attacks have 'air-invincibility' that make them immune to attacks from the air or 'upper/lower body invincibility' that render the top or bottom half of a character immune to attack. 

Jump Cancel - Cancelling the animation of an attack with a jump, commonly used in air extensions. Some moves are non 'Jump-Cancelable'.

Launcher - In most games a launcher is a move that lifts your opponent off the ground for a combo. In Tekken it's used to denote any move that acts as a dedicated combo starter.

Link Combo - A combo where an attack in a combo has to be delayed to avoid cancelling another or from being used too early.

Loop - A set of moves that can be repeated many times in sequence. Generall refers to combo usage. Corner loops are loops that are only doable in the corner.

Matchup - The term used to describe a character or players interaction with another. 'Knowing the Matchup' is to demonstrate good knowledge of how a character or player plays. 'X-Y matchup' where x and y are numbers that add up to ten, used to indicate a character has an advantage over another. E.g. a 6-4 matchup is a small advantage. 10-0 is often a joking way of saying the matchup is nearly unwinnable.

Meaty - A pre-emptive attack that hits a player as they get up from a knockdown. In some games, hitting as late as possible in your attacks 'active frames' will lead to unique combo opportunities.

Meter - The resource that allows the use of special attacks/mechanics. Commonly used for super attacks or EX versions of moves. Typically found at the bottom of the screen.

Meter Gain - Refers to how much meter is built from strings of attacks, either blocked or in a combo.

Mid Character - The second or middle character on the team. Mid characters are often more dependant on meter, have strong assists and benefit from having some support.

Mirror Match - A match where both players use the same character(s).

Neutral Game - The state of the game where neither player has the advantage in applying pressure.

Normal Attack - A basic attack, performed by pressing a single attack button.

Okizeme/Oki - The term used to define the concept of setting up your opponent as they wakeup, usually a sequence that has multiple layers or a subtle technique to help meaty timing.

Option Select - When a player inputs the same command or sequence of commands and gets two different results.

Overhead - An attack that has to be blocked standing up. Some normals/command normals are overheads and most air attacks are overheads. Air attacks that don't function as overheads tend to be very fast or advantageous in exchange.

Plus/Minus Frames - When an attack is blocked, the blockstun and recovery of the attack determine plus/frames. An attack that recovers before the blockstun ends is 'Plus' and an attack that recovers after blockstun is 'Minus'.

Point character - The first character on the team. Point characters are often reliable without resources, benefit greatly from assists and get good damage/okizeme without spending meter.

Poke - Normal attacks that take advantage of their range and are thrown out in the hope of outranging shorter attacks and being safe from punishment.

Pressure - When a player is mixing up or forcing the other player to defend blockstrings.

Priority - The determining factor as to what move will win out if 2 collide at the same time. In FighterZ, most moves will just 'clash' regardless of strength. Supers will break this rule though.

Punish - When a player uses an unsafe move, attacking in this window where they can't block is a punish. 'Punishable on block' is another term for unsafe on block.

Rekka - A special attack that is extended by repeated inputs or very similar inputs.

Reset - When a combo ends prematurely or unexpectedly in the hopes of catching the defender off guard to start a second combo. This resets damage and hitstun scaling so is very powerful.

Reversal/Dragon Punch/DP - A special move or super that has invincibility frames on startup in response to offensive pressure. Commonly used on wakeup.

Rushdown - An aggressive style of play that relies on staying on the offensive for as long as possible, often taking risks to do so. The primary play style in FighterZ.

Safe - An attack that recovers fast enough that the other player cannot punish your recovery. Unsafe is the reverse, certain moves are safe only because their range is long enough that none of the attacks that can reach are fast enough.

Safe Jump - A perfectly timed jump attack that hits meaty and is impossible to reversal. Usually a part of a sophisticated oki setup. Most lvl 3s in FighterZ allow for a safe jump with a immediate forward jump.

Safe on Block - An attack that is safe when blocked.

Snapback - In tag-team games, a move that forces the opponent to tag their current character out. Often grants access to 'incoming mixups' where you prepare an option to catch the character being tagged in.

Spam - To repeat a move over and over again, regardless of it's success rate. Contrary to popular belief, the fault lies with the player defending against the spam if they are losing to it.

Sparking Blast/Sparking Combo - Sparking blast is FighterZ comeback mechanic, it has a lot of different effects and can be used once per game. It allows for jump cancels of blocked attacks, airdash cancels of normal attacks, improved vanishes, overhead conversions, increased meter gain, constantly recharging assists, recovery of blue life and increased damage output. You can also cancel into it for huge damage combos. 

Special Move - An attack that is performed by combining a motion using the movement controls and a normal attack button.

Stagger/Staggered Pressure - Manually inserting delays between attacks in your blockstrings to act as frame traps or to buy time for assists. Often done by using 2 fast attacks into a forward dash and then a blockstring.

Super Armor, Hyper Armor - Super armor is a property that some attacks have, it allows them to take a set number of attacks without being cancelled. The damage is still done but the move will continue. Hyper armor is the same but has no limit on the number of hits, or a limit so high it is almost impossible to reach.

Super Dash/SD - A powerful movement tool for FighterZ, flies across the screen and tracks the opponent. Combos on hit and bounces on block, in sparking this bounce doesn't happen, allowing for simple overhead pressure.

Super jump - A movement option that is much higher than a regular jump, performed by adding a down input before any jump.

Super Move - A powerful attack that often does much more damage than normal/special attacks. Costs meter to use in most games.

Sweep - A low attack that scores a knockdown.

Tag - Used to swap your character in tag-team games. 

Throw - An attack that is unblockable and gets through a players guard. Called a 'Dragon Rush' in Fighterz.

Throw Tech - When a throw is teched by inputting a throw of your own, not the only way to beat throws in most games though.

Tiger Knee/TK - A quarter circle motion that extends past forward/back to up-forward/up-back. 2369 or 2147 in anime notation. Allows you to perform air specials very fast and close to the ground.

Touch of Death (ToD): A single long combo that can KO a character from full health, usually extremely resource intensive.

Trade/Clash - When two attacks collide and either cancel each other out or both land depending on the game. Most attacks in FighterZ will clash but some trade.

Turtling - The opposite of rush down, turtling is an extremely defensive style that relies on blocking and punishing as well as challenging attempts to rush in.

Unblockable - An attack that is impossible to block, either by hitting high/low or left/right simultaneously or an attack that is powers through a players guard.

Vanish/Vanish Confirm - Vanish is performed by pressing M + H at the same time and teleports to your opponents back and attacks, it costs 1 bar. It causes a wallbounce when used in a combo, even if it's just single long range attack into a vanish. A vanish confirm is a combo from a vanish's wallbounce.

Vortex - The process of chaining pressure sequences and combos together repeatedly without letting your opponent escape.

Wake Up - When a player recovers from a knockdown.

Wallbounce - An attack property that causes the opponent to bounce off a wall. Usually used to extend combos or reset. A wallstick is where they are pushed into the wall and are stuck to it briefly.

Whiff - When an attack completely misses the opposing player.

Zoning - A playstyle that involves controlling space with projectiles and preventing the opponent from advancing.



American Reset - An unintentionally dropped combo that leads into another combo, either through skill in strange situations or pure luck.

An Upset - an upset is when a player that is considered to be very strong loses to a player that is considered to be much weaker.

Battery - A character that is so good at building meter without spending it that they act as a source of meter for the rest of the team.

Bracket Reset - When the player in the losers bracket wins a set against the player in the winners bracket to 'reset' the bracket. The round count is reduced to 0 - 0 and the set starts again.

Choke - When a player is very well placed to win a game but loses anyway.

Dirty Mixup - A mixup that is particularly difficult to see or to block.

Dropped combo - A combo that is not completed correctly and allows the opponent to escape, see American Reset.

Exposed - When a glaring weakness is exposed in an attack, strategy or player.

Free - When a player loses to another very one-sidedly they are considered free.

Happy Birthday - Exclusive to team games, when two characters are caught in a combo at once. Merry Christmas is sometimes used if a combo catches all 3 characters.

Hard Read - To take a big risk in response to a prediction about a players habits.

Holding an L - When a player loses to another and has no opportunity for a rematch any time soon they have to 'Hold that L' until they meet again.

Honest/Dishonest - When a player or more commonly, a character has little reliance on gimmicks and greatly rewards good fundamental play they are considered 'honest'. Conversely 'dishonest' characters or players make excellent use of gimmicks and sneaky mixups to get an edge. 'Dishonest' play is an important part of the game and should not be used as an insult, so long as it's not breaking any rules.

On Tilt - When a player is frustrated in a match to the point of it affecting their play.

Opened Up - When a player fails to block an attack or mixup.

Pop-Off - An exaggerated celebration after winning an important match or after performing an impressive feat.

Pools - The system used to narrow down the number of participants to the top 8. Players are seeded into different brackets and must advance from these brackets to the top 8 by winning their matches.

Read - To take an action in response to a prediction one player has about another.

Respect/Disrespect - When a player plays cautiously without taking risks based on their opponents ability they show 'Respect'. Conversely when a player takes risk aimed at exploiting their opponents lack of knowledge/familiarity they are showing 'Disrespect'.

Salt/Salty - To be frustrated or irritated with the result of a match.

Scramble - Any situation that is rarely seen and very ambiguous is known as the scramble, some players are better in these situations than others or 'good in the scramble', nothing to do with eggs.

Timer Scam - Using a move or sequence of moves that are intended to outlast the time remaining on the match. Not applicable to FighterZ due to the timer pausing on most long animations.

Winners Bracket/Losers Bracket - Part of the standard tournament format, towards the end of a tournament players will be separated into winners and losers bracket based on their performance. A loss in the winners bracket will send you into the losers bracket and a loss in the losers bracket will knock you out of the tournament. The winner of the losers bracket will be able to play against the winner of the winners bracket to decide the winner of the tournament. The player coming from the losers bracket has to win two sets whereas the player in the winners bracket only needs to win one.

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