Intermediate Exercise 1 - Dragon rushes

Another important reflex is teching dragon rushes, the best way to do this is to input a dragon rush of your own. It's difficult to practice doing this on your own as it's only a powerful tool because of the element of surprise but getting used to it is still important.

  • Record the AI using an airdash into a j.H and then a dragon rush when landing (A common offensive string)
  • Block the j.H standing and then try to only tech the dragon rush when you see the green flash, doing it to early is cheating.
  • For bonus points, try jumping backwards after blocking the j.H and try to catch the dragon rush with a j.H on the way down.

Building the reflex to tech dragon rushes this way is very helpful but they are very difficult to stop if you aren't expecting them.

Nick Biddlecombe