Turtle Hermit School Channel

The official YouTube channel of the Turtle Hermit School, looking for easy to follow video content? Subscribe now to never miss a video!

A combination of tightly edited lessons and less formal videos discussing broader topics.

Turtle Hermit Stream

The official twitch stream, announcements of stream dates will be made on the discord and the top of the site. Mostly scheduled events for now but would like to become more regular as the community grows.

Turtle Hermit School Discord Server

The official discord server. Aimed mostly at new players but with plenty of experienced players as well. Join us for access to discussion, useful resources, news on THS content and to give feedback/suggestions on the series.

Turtle Hermit School Patreon Page

A way to show support for the series and help me to create new content. You can also subscribe to monthly replay analysis sessions here. 
Whether you choose to become a patron or not, thank you for your support.


Turle Hermit School Twitter

Full of tech and community updates from the Turtle Hermit School community, also regular updates for Turtle Hermit School content.

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