Intermediate Exercise 2 - Going even further beyond with air 2H

Simple combos involve landing a heavy attack on the ground and then following up with a super dash. Most characters have an aerial 2H that launches the opponent higher into the air. This can only be followed with a super dash if you haven't already used one in the combo. This makes the combo we learnt before much more deadly. The notation is as follows.

2M > 5M > 9 > L > M > 9 > L > M > 2H > Super Dash > L > M > H

This ends in a 'sliding' knockdown that allows you to follow up with a super attack (even a lvl3!) or dash up and attack them as they wake up.

  • Practice the combo from the previous exercise a few times

  • Instead of finishing the air combo with j.H, use j.2H instead. Hit super dash or H after it connects, and finish with your L > M > H string. This may all seem very sudden but it's all the different combo techniques you've learnt being strung together. If you struggle with any part of this then you can refer to the exercise it was taught.

  • Now for the best part, if you use a super as soon as you land, it will connect as they slide along the ground. You can use a level 3 super for more damage and a hard knockdown.

Nick Biddlecombe