Intermediate Exercise 1 - Jump cancels

This is a more advanced technique that lets you get the most out of your air combos and also combo from the ground in a new and very damaging way. Some attacks can be jump cancelled, which means that you can stop their recovery animation and jump into the air. A universal combo that utilises this is as follows.

2M > 5M > 9 > j.L > j.M > 9 > j.L > j.L > j.L

This could also be cancelled into specials and supers as covered in the previous exercise but lets start as simple as we can.

  • Jump into training mode with Goku and make sure the AI's block state is set to "After first hit"

  • Practice the 2M > 5M string and try jumping forward as soon as possible after the 5M. This will feel pretty awkward until you get the hang of it.

  • Now after the forward jump hit L > M as soon as possible

  • After that, just repeat the forward jump > L > L sequence you just did.

  • Cap it off with a third j.L or a special/super and you're finished!

Jump cancelling in the air is the best way to maximise your air combo damage but the most important part is being able to transition from the ground to the air without using 2H > SD. The final exercise will maximise this potential. You can only do one aerial jump cancel per combo as it uses up your double jump.

Nick Biddlecombe