Beginner Exercise 2 - Special and Super Cancels

This part is a bit harder and can take some getting used to. Make sure you are comfortable with your quarter circle motions because know we are going to do them within a combo. The goal is to cancel one of our air attacks into a special, and then follow that up with a super. The notation is like this: L > M > 2H > SD > j.L > j.L xx 214M xx 236L+M.

This combo is still very short but by confirming into a super it gets some very good damage.

  • Jump into training mode with Goku and make sure the AI's block state is set to "After first hit"

  • Practice the L > M > 2H > SD > j.L > j.L string just like in the previous exercise.

  • Now, while standing on the ground, practice the L > L > 214M sequence you'll be using in the air

  • Do the same thing again but this time use your 236L+M super while the kicks are still landing. If you do it more towards the end of the spin kicks you'll get slightly more damage but stick to what feels natural for now. Once you can do this with ease (may take quite a while), it's time to string it all together.

  • Perform the full combo, ending with special and then super. This is not easy but it is important to learn, be patient and keep trying until you can do it without thinking about it.

Nick Biddlecombe