Beginner Exercise 1 - Your first combo

To get you used to combos, almost every character in the game has a universal basic combo. It's simply L > M > 2H > SD > j.L > j.L > j.L. This is a simple but useful combo that's perfect for practising our learning process.

  • Jump into training mode with Goku and make sure the AI's block state is set to "After first hit".

  • The 2 natural segments we can break this down into are both before and after the super dash.

  • Practice the sequence of L M 2H slowly until it feels natural

  • Work your way up to hitting them as fast as you can.

  • Follow up this string with a super dash and repeat until comfortable

  • Add the final j.L > j.L > j.L and you should have a full combo

  • Swap sides with your opponent and practice some more

Nick Biddlecombe