I provide a premium coaching service for anyone looking for a more personalised learning experience. It's available to players of all skill levels whether you've been playing since launch or are brand new to the genre.

Here's some of what you can expect from a typical coaching session.


Replay analysis

If you send me a replay before the session I will use it to form a coaching plan for the session, a replay is not required for the session but is a fantastic asset to prepare for the session.

Below is a link to an example of this analysis created for the Turtle Hermit School YouTube channel.


Sparring matches

Either at the start or during the coaching session it may be beneficial to head straight into matches, either with me or even online. By playing these matches we can focus on applying new skills discussed during the session.


Training plan

At the end of every coaching session you'll be sent a personalised training plan covering the content of the session. This may include combo notation, tech relating to your team, training exercises, warmups drills and much more!

Below is a mockup of what a training plan like this may look like.