Welcome to the Turtle Hermit School character breakdown!

Building a team is quite tough but it's even harder when you aren't familiar with the cast. Below is a collection of character cards that break down some of the positives and weaknesses of each character. It's not a thorough breakdown but it should get you started.

Keep in mind that this is not a tier list, it just attempts to give you a sense of how these characters work and make it easier to find characters you like. The number of +/- points and the difficulty guages are subjective so don't let them discourage you from trying characters out. Any player can pick up any of these characters regardless of experience, it may just take longer.

Goku Card.png
Vegeta Card.png
Trunks Card.png
T Gohan Card.png
Frieza Card.png
M Buu Card.png
Cell Card.png
Krillin Card.png
Piccolo Card.png
Android 16 Card.png
18 Card.png
Goku SSGSS Card.png
Vegeta SSGSS Card.png
Yamcha Card.png
Tien Card.png
Nappa Card.png
Ginyu Card.png
Gotenks Card.png
A Gohan Card.png
Kid Buu Card.png
Beerus Card.png
Hit Card.png
Goku Black Card.png
21 Card.png
Bardock Card.png
Broly Card.png
Zamasu Card.png
Vegito SSGSS Card.png
Base Vegeta Card.png

Need some feedback or guidance?

We welcome discussion of all kinds on the Turtle Hermit School discord, if you are struggling to build a team that feels good for you, join our beginner friendly community and ask for a hand. We also have a patreon page if you'd like to offer your support!