Beginner Exercise 1 - Perfecting the Instant Air Dash

This exercise is all about perfecting the timing of the instant air dash. You should already have a solid idea of the distance from the exercises in the lesson on movement. This exercise is to try and recreate this example.

While you won't usually link two instant air dashes together like this, it helps you perfect the timing of following an instant air dash with a move as well as doing the motion at speed.

When you expect an opponent to block an instant air dash in the corner, going for a second one is a great way to open them up, but it is vulnerable to a 2H.

There aren't really any steps here. Just keep on instant air dashing at your opponent until you can get it smoothly comfortably and consistently. The important part is timing the jump command early enough to maintain a rhythm but late enough to not get lost in the recovery of the previous air dash.

Once you can do this in both directions then you should have a solid backwards instant air dash as well.

Nick Biddlecombe